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Sinopec Energy-saving Reconstruction Project


ModelAD6KS-7H2.5CPM DN50~250
Nominal Pressure1.62.5 M Pa
Pressure Drop0.8M Pa

MediumSteam, industrial condensate water



  Domestic leading technology: Heat of condensed water recovery technology

Steam condensate water has been treated with heat recovery to meet the water-supply requirement of boiler. condensate water of 90 directly goes to the boiler water tank to save fuel and reduce pollution. It is an energy saving and environmental protection project advocated and developed by the country.

The system adopts the metallic sealed butterfly cut-off valve(AD6KD-7H), which is used to cut off the steam at 350 and the condensate system at 90 . Globe valve (AZT6MS-4H) is used to regulate the liquid level of the condensate water system. The pressure is 1.6% 4.0mpa  DN: DN50~250. The control valve works well since 2006.

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