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Fractionating Tower of Refinery


Specification:6″~ 14″
Nominal Pressure:300 LB
Pressure Drop:0.5~0.7 M Pa


     The fractionator requires different pressure in each fractionation layer, thus the fractionation component could be accurate. When the oil enters the column, the pressure is adjusted, and the corresponding fraction is cut out. In actual production, due to the large number of fractionation components, so it cannot be guaranteed that the fractionation layers at different positions can produce very accurate fractions, so the pressure can be controlled by adding pressure regulating devices at different fractionation layers, to control accurate fractionation components. And after using ADQ butterfly regulating valves, the pressure of each fractionation part can be controlled, and has got better effect, the yield and quality have been improved, and the benefit has been increased.

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