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Ceramic Ball ValvePressure Rating: CLASS 150~CLASS900(PN10~PN260)

Nominal Diameter: 1/2〞~8〞(DN15~DN200)

Temperature Range: -46℃~300℃

Control Mode: Pneumatic、 Electric、 Hydraulic、 Electro-hydraulic、 Gas over Oil


1.       The thickness of valve body exceeds the standard data requirement of GB / JB and ANSI, and the chemical elements and mechanical properties of the main body material meet the national standard requirements. The body's three-section structure design is firm in shape and beautiful in appearance.

2.       The chemical elements of valve stem material meet the requirements of the national standard, fine grinding. Valve surface is treated with erosion resistance nitridizing or tempering, to ensure that the stem has good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance.

3.       The built-in cushioning compensatory elastic gasket ensures good and stable sealing. And when there are impurities in the medium, it is not easy to be blocked and cause the ball to break.

4.       All sealing surfaces of the full-lined ceramic ball valve in contact with the medium are ceramic materials with stable chemical properties and extremely high hardness (hardness is above HRA88, second only to the steel stone). Therefore, ceramics have high compressive strength and wear resistance. Excellent anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, good thermal insulation.

5.       Manufactured with precise grinding technology (imported from Taiwan) and advanced mechanical equipment. Valve structure is simple, flow passage is smooth, medium flow resistance is small. The surface quality is good, and the whole valve torque is light, the resistance is small, the sealing can achieve zero leakage.

6.       Application field: thermal power plant, steel, petroleum, chemical industry, papermaking, bioengineering, etc. Suitable for boiler steam, lime slurry, sea water transport, high hardness particle, powder, etc. Flue gas desulphurization, ash removal, slag discharge, water treatment. It can be used in different temperature and medium.



Pressure Rating: CLASS 150~ CLASS300 (PN10~PN65)

Nominal Diameter: 1/2~8 DN15~DN200

Temperature Range: -46~300

Body Material Carbon steel, SS, etc.

Ball MaterialCeramic

Seat Material: Ceramic
Operating Mode: Manual, Pneumatic, Electric, Hydraulic, etc

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