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Jacket Ball Valve

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Jacket Ball Valve


The heating jacket ball valve is smaller than the normal ball valve.

Lighter weight, and no leakage

Good sealing performance

The Jacket is welded with carbon steel pipe, which is stronger that cast


Pressure Rating: CLASS 150~ CLASS1500 (PN10~PN260)

Nominal Diameter: 2~48 DN50~DN1200

Temperature Range: -196~600

Body Material Carbon steel, SS, duplex HastelloyInconelMonelIncoloy,etc.

Ball MaterialF304/F316/ duplex / Hastelloy /Inconel/Monel/Incoloy +H.F, etc.

Seat Material: F304/F316/ duplex /Inconel/Monel/Incoloy +H.F, etc.
Operating Mode: Manual, Pneumatic, Electric, Hydraulic, etc

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