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Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve

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Double Eccentric Butterfly ValvePressure Rating: CLASS 150~CLASS300 (PN10~PN50)

Nominal Diameter: 2〞~160〞( DN50~DN4000)

Temperature Range: -196℃~300℃

Control Mode: Pneumatic、 Electric、 Hydraulic、 Electro-hydraulic、 Gas over Oil



Double offset structure

Eliminate the excessive extrusion of the butterfly plate and the valve seat by a large margin

Short structural length, light weight

Anti-blow out stem

Reliable sealing

Soft or hard seal is available

Cutting-off and regulating performance


Pressure Rating: CLASS 150~ CLASS 300 (PN10~PN50)

Nominal Diameter: 2~160 DN50~DN4000

Temperature Range: -196℃~300
Body Material
Carbon steel, SS, duplex ,HastelloyInconel MonelAlloy20IncoloyTi, etc.

Disc MaterialCarbon steel, SS, duplex ,HastelloyInconel MonelAlloy20IncoloyTi, etc.

Seat Material:  PTFE, SS, Stellite alloy etc.
Operating Mode: Manual, Pneumatic, Electric, Hydraulic

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