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Construction of Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve

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Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve has become one of the widely used butterfly valves because of its excellent performance in the current market. You know what?Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve's excellent characteristics are closely related to the structure of Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve. Next, let's look at the structure of Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve.
Construction of Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve
Essential Refractory Structure of Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve

Many valves claim to have fire-resistant construction, but most of them use hard and soft double seat construction in order to reduce leakage, which is dangerous. Because incomplete combustion of the soft seal seat in fire will cause stress, temperature difference and deformation of the metal support seat, which will lead to the failure of the fire-resistant function. Therefore, at present, Europe and the United States are gradually excluding such inappropriate fire-resistant valves. Because Tritrc is zero leakage, it does not need the assistance of soft seals, is a true essential refractory structure, and has obtained API 607, API6FA and BS6755Part2 certificates of fire inspection qualification. This ensures that Tritec can be used in various dangerous areas such as petroleum, petrochemical and so on. The use of valves in conservative Britain, in key parts of its North Sea oilfield, almost entirely covered by Tritec is a good example of Zui.

Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve

High Sealing Packing Structure of Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve
Traditionally, the leakage of valve seat, i.e. internal leakage, has been the focus of valve leakage, while the leakage of packing part, i.e. external leakage, has been neglected. In fact, in the contemporary society where environmental problems are increasingly valued, it has become an indisputable fact that leakage is far more harmful than internal leakage. Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve belongs to rotary valve and its stem action is only 90 degree rotation. Compared with the spiral multi-rotation motion of gate valve and globe valve, the wear degree of packing part is very low, the service life is relatively long, and because Tritec has adopted Zui high standard design in packing seal and other structures to prevent external leakage, it can be in accordance with the standard of Zui design. The standard sealing performance is guaranteed to be less than 100 ppm when external leakage test is carried out under EPA21 specification.
Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve has good sealing and high temperature resistance because of its good fire-resistant structure and high sealing packing structure. For Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve, if you have purchase demand, please call us.
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