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Maintenance of Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve

发布时间:2019-01-09     来源:艾德威尔•瑞拓
In industrial operation, regular maintenance of Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve is conducive to prolonging the service life of Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve.
Valve is a hybrid structure of pressure vessel and operating machinery. The maintenance requirement of the valve should consider both accidental opening and closing of the valve and the fact that the valve is mostly in a state of pressure immobility.
The maneuverability of valves that remain fixed at a certain position for a long time may decrease to a certain extent due to ageing of fillers, corrosion of the surface of moving parts or harmful accumulation.

The integrity of the pressure boundary mainly requires that the pressure components be intact, the pressure seal at the fixed assembly connection, and the effective working seal between the moving stem and the cover in most cases. Pressure boundaries and fixed assembly joints should be checked regularly and confirmed to be good.

Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve

Leakage of stem seal is usually caused by wear of packing, which can be compensated by tightening packing cap. Excessive compression force may increase the friction of the stem, making it difficult for the stem to rotate and accelerating the wear of the packing.
The external structure of the valve is generally easy to inspect and maintain. Reasonable measures should be taken to prevent mechanical damage of valves and deterioration of the quality of valves caused by erosion of sediments, chemicals or moist gases in the atmosphere.
Above is about the maintenance of Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve, for your reference only. If you need to buy Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve, please call.
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