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What are the test items of the scotch yoke pneumatic actuator?

发布时间:2019-01-09     来源:艾德威尔•瑞拓
Before using the scotch yoke pneumatic actuator, relevant tests should be carried out first. Do you know what the test items of the scotch yoke pneumatic actuator?
Full performance test items of pneumatic actuator include start point deviation, end point deviation, golden stroke deviation, non-linear deviation, forward and backward travel deviation, sensitivity, airtight valve sealing of thin film chamber, allowable leakage when valve seat closes, flow capacity and flow characteristics, etc.

To ensure safety in production, we should also consider saving investment and looking neat and beautiful. The following principles should be noted in installation.

scotch yoke pneumatic actuator

(1) Regulating valves are best installed vertically in horizontal pipelines. When horizontal or inclined installation is required under special circumstances, support should be added in addition to small caliber regulating valves.
(2) When choosing the installation position of the regulating valve, we should strive for a straight pipe section with no less than 10D before and after the valve, so as to avoid the severe distortion of the working characteristics of the valve.
(3) Regulating valves should be installed as close as possible to the ground or floor, but there should be enough space above and below for maintenance and repair.
(4) When the caliber of the control valve is different from that of the process pipe, the conical special-shaped pipe should be used to connect the control valve, and the threaded connection should be used for the small size control valve.
(5) In order to prevent the ageing of the film of the actuator, it is necessary to keep away from high temperature, vibration, toxicity and serious corrosion.
The direction of fluid flow should be the same as the arrow on the control valve.
For pneumatic control valves without handwheel mechanism and occasions where handwheel mechanism is an important control system, bypass must be adopted, and cut-off valves and bypass valves must be installed. The purpose is to facilitate switching or manual operation and to repair pneumatic control valves without shutdown.
Above is the test items about the scotch yoke pneumatic actuator arranged by Ruito, for reference only.
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