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Performance and Structural Characteristics of scotch yoke pneumatic actuator

发布时间:2018-12-05     来源:艾德威尔•瑞拓
Pneumatic fork actuators are usually divided into single-acting scotch yoke pneumatic actuator and double-acting scotch yoke pneumatic actuator according to their different functions. Many people will ask, what is the difference between the two? Today, we mainly talk about the performance and structural characteristics of single-acting fork pneumatic actuator.

Performance characteristics

scotch yoke pneumatic actuator

1. DRG series actuators can provide 120000N.m in single action and 240000N.m in double action screenshots. Maximum working pressure 10 bar;
2. Two independent adjusting bolts can be formed to adjust the position of the valve switch in the range of (-6 degrees).
3. Working temperature
Standard - 20 ~80 ~C;
High temperature - 20 +150;
Low temperature - 40 +80;
4. It meets the protection level above IP65.
Structural features:
1. DRG Series Heavy Actuators are commonly used in valves that rotate at 90 degrees. For example: ball valves, butterfly valves, rotary valves and other functions to switch or regulate flow;
2. DRG 01 series actuators are symmetrical design. The maximum output torque is obtained at 0 and 90 degrees. The output torque in the middle position is the smallest. It corresponds to the torque characteristics of ball valves.
3. DRG 02 series actuators adopt inclined design, which can output larger initial torque. It is more in line with the torque characteristics of butterfly valves.
4. Hard chromium plating process is adopted on the inner wall of cylinder block to ensure longer service life.
5. High frequency quenching and grinding of track, square self-lubrication technology is adopted for slider, which can ensure permanent practicability.
6. DRG series actuators have a complete set of installation accessories, including: manual handwheel, hydraulic manual, limit switch, solenoid valve, positioner and other control components;
7. Modular design and structure provide maximum convenience in installation, maintenance and storage.
The above points are the performance and characteristics of the single-acting fork pneumatic actuator. If you want to know more about the scotch yoke pneumatic actuator, please contact us!
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