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Scotch yoke pneumatic actuator

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In the industry, we often hear the scotch yoke pneumatic actuator, but do you know what is scotch yoke pneumatic actuator? Do you know its main characteristics? What is the operating medium and working environment? Next, let's know what the scotch yoke pneumatic actuator is.

Series of pneumatic actuators are divided into double-acting and single-acting (spring reset), two separate cylinders. AW series pneumatic actuators have larger output torque than AT actuators. The output torque can change with the change of angle by using fork drive mechanism. In the opening or closing position of the valve, the torque value is larger, and the law of the valve. Consistent; secondly, the height of the fork and the fork arm coincides, which greatly saves space and meets the needs of various large rotary valves. With the advantages of safety and explosion-proof, it has been widely used in power plants, chemical industry, oil refining and other production processes with high safety requirements.

scotch yoke pneumatic actuator

The main features of the pneumatic fork actuator are as follows:
1. The fork pneumatic actuator is divided into two types: double-acting type and single-acting type (spring reset). Two separate cylinders are easy to manufacture large-sized cylinders. To meet the needs of various large rotary valves.
2. Large output torque, flexible and smooth movement, hard chromium plating on the inner wall of cylinder block and piston shaft, and good wear resistance. All sliding parts are equipped with oil-free lubrication shaft and guide ring to reduce friction coefficient and prolong service life. U-shaped curve characteristic output torque of fork pneumatic actuator is more suitable for large caliber ball valves and butterfly valves. 。
3. Rotation angle: double acting mode = 90 degrees, single acting mode = 90 degrees, adjustable angle from both ends (+5 degrees)
4. Working environment temperature: - 20 ~180.
5. Gas source: clean air filtered, dried or lubricated, with a lower pressure of 0.3 MPa than atmospheric pressure of 1.0 MPa.
6. Basic design: Pneumatic double cylinder double piston fork pulling transmission mechanism. Model AW = double acting; Model AWS = single acting (spring reset).
7. Accessory function: It can be equipped with single (double) electronically controlled solenoid valve, limit switch echo, air source processing triple parts and manual operation mechanism to realize automatic or manual control.
Operating medium:
Clean, dry or lubricated air or inert gases, provided they are non-corrosive pneumatic compatible with actuator internal parts and lubricants. The dew point temperature of the operating medium is - 20 C. The size of impurity particles in the medium does not exceed 30 mu. When the positioner is selected, the size of the impurities in the medium used shall not exceed 5 mu.
Air pressure:
3 Bar to 8 Bar 0.3 MPa to 0.8 MPa 3 kg to 8 kg
Working environment:
A. Standard type is (using NBR 0-ring) - 20 ~80 ~
B. Low temperature type is (using silicone rubber 0-ring) - 40 ~80 ~
C. The high temperature type is (using fluorine rubber 0-ring) - 20 ~160.
After reading this article, do you have a better understanding of the scotch yoke pneumatic actuator? If you have enough demand for the scotch yoke pneumatic actuator, you are welcome to visit our official website for consultation, and we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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