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Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve sealing ring

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Among the existing butterfly valves, the Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve has become one of the most widely used butterfly valves because of its excellent performance. The good sealing performance of the Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve is one of its advantages. We should know that the good sealing performance of the Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve is inseparable from the choice of its sealing ring. Today, Rito's small edition Let's take you to know about the sealing ring of the Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve.

Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve

There are three kinds of sealing rings forTriple Eccentric Butterfly Valves: PTFE/EPDM soft sealing, multi-level sealing and metal hard sealing. So what is the difference between the three types of seals in operating conditions? There is a customer who wants to buy a Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve. The medium used is degreasing and dephosphorizing solution. It is weak acid and alkaline. Which kind of sealing ring is more suitable? Ask for recommendation.
Answer: There are three kinds of sealing rings for Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve: PTFE, multi-level metal sealing rings and integral metal sealing rings. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) seals are used in pipeline environment with temperature < 180 degrees and pressure not exceeding 2.5 MPa; multi-layer metal seals have good sealing performance and can reach zero leakage, which are suitable for use in pure liquid or gas with low medium flow rate and no particulate matter, and their operating temperature is generally not more than 300 degrees restricted by multi-layer sealants. Integral metal seals are usually used in high temperature and high pressure working environment.
The medium used by this customer has a certain acid-base corrosiveness, so PTFE soft sealing ring is recommended.
Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve seals have many forms, according to the use of different places, should choose different seals, on the choice of tri-eccentric seals, you know?
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