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Development of Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve

发布时间:2018-12-03     来源:艾德威尔•瑞拓
Since the advent of Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve, in order to better meet the requirements of harsh working conditions, has been self-improvement and development. Now let's look at the development of Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve.
1, API specification

As we all know, API609 has actually become an international specification for valves used in important industrial pipelines. Tritec is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with the latest 1997 edition of API 609. More importantly, the basic design of Tritec is not limited to one specification of API, BS5155ANSIB16.34, ASMESECVIII and other specifications, which ensures that Tritec has a useful role in all industrial fields.

Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve

2. Dual Security Structure
Tritec strictly conforms to API609 specifications, in order to prevent butterfly plate deformation caused by fluid pressure and temperature, stem dislocation, sealing surface occlusion, two separate thrust rings are installed at the bottom and bottom of the butterfly plate, thus ensuring the normal operation of the valve under any working conditions.
At the same time, in order to prevent the valve stem damage caused by unknown reasons and sudden accidents caused by flying out, two independent valve stem flying out preventive mechanisms are designed at the lower end and inside of the valve, which also guarantees Tritec's pressure level up to 2500 pounds from the side.
3. No Dead Zone Design
In the design of Tritec, the application problems in the field of regulation and control are considered in particular. The sealing principle of the tri-eccentric butterfly valve is fully utilized. The butterfly plate does not scrape the seat when the valve is switched on and off. The torque of the valve stem is transmitted directly to the sealing surface through the butterfly plate, that is to say, there is almost no friction between the butterfly plate and the valve seat, thus eliminating it. Opening common valves is a common jumping phenomenon, eliminating the inability of regulation caused by various unstable factors such as friction in the low opening range of valves, i.e. eliminating dead zone (insensitive zone), which means that Tritec can enter the controllable zone almost from zero opening, up to 90 opening, and its normal regulation ratio. It is more than 2 times of the common butterfly valve, and its control ratio can be as high as 100:1. This creates a good condition for Tritec to be used as a control valve, especially in large caliber, the cost of globe valve is extremely high, in addition, the globe valve can not achieve zero leakage, in the case of emergency shutdown, the shutoff valve must be installed on the side of the globe valve, while Tritec integrates control and shutdown, and its economic benefits are extremely high. Its impressive.
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