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Two-way pressure Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve products

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The characteristics of the two-way pressure Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve? The two-way pressure three-eccentric butterfly valve is a new patented product developed on the basis of the structure, digestion, absorption and summary of hard-sealed butterfly valves at home and abroad according to market demand. The product adopts a new type of "inclined elliptical disc radial dynamic balance sealing structure", which reliably realizes the zero leakage of the metal hard seal butterfly valve forward and reverse two-way seal, especially suitable for the reverse sealing requirements, and is truly internationally leading. Level of high-tech new products.
Bidirectional pressure three eccentric butterfly valve
After the two-way compression three eccentric butterfly was put into production in batches, it created good economic and social benefits, and was well received by new and old customers. High-performance two-way metal hard sealing butterfly valve is widely used in metallurgy, hydropower, thermoelectricity, heat, urban water supply and drainage, farmland irrigation and drainage, etc. The applicable medium is gas, steam, air, water, etc. In the pipeline system, it is used for cutting or connecting medium. .


Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve

The two-way metal hard sealing butterfly valve is mainly composed of a valve body, a butterfly plate, a valve shaft, a valve body sealing ring, a butterfly plate sealing ring, a bushing sleeve, a self-lubricating bearing and a driving device, and the two-way pressure three-eccentric butterfly valve mainly has the following features:
1. Unique structure, small size and light weight, easy to operate;
2. The streamlined design of the butterfly plate has high strength, large flow area, small flow resistance and energy saving;
3. The reliable two-way sealing function is a necessary product in the piping system that requires bidirectional cutting. It is not restricted by the flow direction of the medium during installation, and is not affected by the position of the space. It can be installed in any direction.
4. The sealing pair (butter sealing ring - valve body sealing ring) is made of stainless steel and has special treatment. It has the advantages of hard metal sealing and elastic sealing. It is corrosion resistant, wear resistant, high temperature resistant and has a long service life.
5. The three-dimensional eccentric structure is adopted, and the sealing surface of the butterfly plate and the valve seat has high processing precision. At the moment when the disc is opened, the sealing surface is completely detached; the disc has almost no friction during the closing process, and the closing is light. It has the function of self-locking and self-sealing, and the sealing performance is stable and reliable;
6. The "radial dynamic balance sealing structure" design is adopted to make the butterfly plate opening resistance extremely small and reliably realize the zero leakage of the butterfly valve inlet and outlet double seal. During the opening and closing process, the sealing surface of the butterfly plate can be completed quickly and instantaneously along the 360° circumference, and the sealing action of the closed contact automatic matching can be realized quickly and accurately;

If you need to buy a Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve, please contact us directly at the Ruituo Group. We will build a quality project as the ultimate goal based on strong international joint manufacturing capabilities and strong technical support in the countries where we use it. Various use requirements to achieve good results.
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