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Triple eccentric butterfly valve products

发布时间:2018-10-26     来源:艾德威尔•瑞拓
With the rapid development of industrial technology, the valve industry has put forward more stringent requirements, especially the triple eccentric butterfly valve operating in a low-temperature medium environment, in addition to meeting the performance of the general valve, more importantly, the reliability and flexibility of the low-temperature valve seal. And some other special requirements.
The hard-sealed butterfly valve has a compact structure, small size and light weight. Compared with the same size gate valve, it can reduce the space by 50% to 40%, the fluid resistance is small, and the opening and closing is quick. However, some Chinese cryogenic equipment such as natural gas liquefaction equipment, air separation equipment, pressure swing adsorption equipment and other chemical industries, valves mostly use shut-off valves or gate valves, the number of hard seal butterfly valves is very small. The main reason for the analysis is that the sealing performance of the metal hard seal butterfly valve under low temperature conditions is not as good as other valves, the structure is unreasonable, etc., causing leakage of the medium, which seriously affects the safety and normal operation of these low temperature equipment, and cannot meet the requirements of low temperature equipment.
With the continuous development of cryogenic equipment in China, the requirements for the application of valves in low temperature fields are constantly increasing. In order to meet the needs of market economy development, metal hard seal butterfly valves have been structurally improved, and three eccentric sealing structures have been developed to improve The sealing performance of the metal hard sealing butterfly valve makes it work well in high temperature or low temperature environment.


triple eccentric butterfly valve

The three-eccentric multi-layer hard seal butterfly valve series is a long-life, energy-saving butterfly valve. The structure is designed by three-dimensional knitting principle, and the valve seat adopts a multi-layer structure compatible with hard and soft seals, with exquisite processing and advanced technology. This product consists of valve body, butterfly plate, multi-level valve seat, valve stem, transmission mechanism and other main components. Therefore, it is widely used in pipelines of corrosive media such as metallurgy, electric power, petroleum, chemical, air, gas, combustible gas, and water supply and drainage.
Three eccentric multi-layer hard seal flange butterfly valve features:
Because the butterfly valve of this product adopts the three-dimensional eccentric principle design, the space movement track of the sealing surface is idealized, the sealing surfaces have no friction, no interference, and the sealing material is properly selected, so that the sealing and corrosion resistance of the butterfly valve are made. High temperature resistance and wear resistance are reliably guaranteed. Its main features are as follows:
1. The opening torque is small, flexible and convenient, saving energy and energy.
2, three-dimensional core structure, so that the butterfly board is more tight and tight, its sealing performance is reliable, to achieve no leakage.
3, high pressure, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, long service life, etc.
The principle of three eccentric multi-layer hard seal flange butterfly valve:
When the valve is opened, the butterfly plate and the valve seat are in instant contact when closed, and the eccentricity of the butterfly plate and the eccentricity 2 are quickly separated from the valve seat, thereby reducing the wear of the sealing pair, the friction torque is small, and the opening is flexible. The eccentric cone 3 allows the disc to pass through the inner hole of the valve seat when the valve is opened or closed to achieve contact sealing. In addition, the radius of rotation of the conical disc is larger than the radius of rotation of the contact position of the sealing pair, so that the disc will be tighter and tighter when the triple eccentric butterfly valve is closed, and the self-locking can be realized to prevent the disc from being over-positioned.
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