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Characteristics of Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve hard seal butterfly valve

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Characteristics of Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve hard seal butterfly valve
1, API specification
As we all know, API609 has actually become an international standard for valves used in industrial important pipelines. Tritec is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with the latest 1997 edition of API609 specifications. What is more valuable is that Tritec's basic design is not limited to one API specification, BS5155 ANSI B 16.34, ASME SEC VIII and other large specifications can be corresponding, which ensures that Tritec in all industrial areas have a useful place.
2, double safety structure
Tritec strictly comply with API 609 specifications, in order to prevent the butterfly plate deformation caused by fluid pressure and temperature, stem misalignment, sealing surface occlusion, butterfly plate in the lower and lower sides are installed with two separate thrust rings, thus ensuring the normal operation of the valve under any operating conditions;
At the same time, in order to prevent the unexpected accidents caused by the unknown causes of stem breakage and flying out, two separate stem flyout prevention mechanisms are designed at the lower end of the valve inside and outside. This also ensures that Tritec pressure level can be as high as 2500 pounds from the side.
3, no dead zone design

During the design of Tritec, the application of Tritec in the field of regulation and control is considered, the sealing principle of tri-eccentric butterfly valve is fully utilized, the butterfly plate does not scratch the valve seat when the valve is switched on and off, and the torque of the valve stem is transmitted directly to the sealing surface through the butterfly plate, that is to say, there is almost no friction between the butterfly plate and the valve seat. Opening a normal valve is a common jumping phenomenon, eliminating the regulation failure caused by various unstable factors such as friction in the low opening range of the valve, that is, eliminating the dead zone (non-sensory zone), which means that Tritec can enter the adjustable area almost from 0 to 90 degrees, and its normal adjustment. The control ratio is more than 2 times of the general butterfly valve, and the regulation ratio can reach up to 100:1. This creates good conditions for Tritec to be used as a control valve, especially in large caliber, extremely high cost of the globe valve, in addition, the globe valve can not achieve zero leakage, in the need for emergency shutoff conditions, must be installed on the side of the globe valve shutoff valve shutoff valve, and Tritec control and shutoff in one, its economic benefits are as follows: Extremely impressive.

Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve

4, body seat structure
Three-eccentric butterfly valves have two seat mounting configurations, most of which are mounted on the butterfly plate for convenience, but Tritec uses the body seat configuration to mount the seat on the body. Compared with butterfly plate seat, it greatly reduces the chance of direct contact with medium, reduces the degree of erosion of the seat and prolongs the service life of the seat.
5. Thin slice valve seat structure
Tritec's seats are stacked of stainless steel sheets and graphite sheets. This structure effectively prevents the effect of small solids in the medium and the possible occlusion of the seal surface due to thermal expansion. Even minor damage does not occur, and this is not true for double-eccentric butterfly valves or other triple-eccentric butterfly valves. Imaginable.
6. Replaceable sealing pair.
Tritec's seal pair is unique, not only the body seat can be replaced, but also because the butterfly plate seal surface and the butterfly plate are independent, the butterfly plate seal surface can be replaced, that is, when the butterfly plate seal surface is damaged, there is no need to move back to the manufacturer or large-scale decomposition of the valve, just change the butterfly plate seal surface can be. This not only greatly reduces the maintenance cost, but also greatly reduces the maintenance time and maintenance strength and difficulty.
7. Balanced fixed structure
Based on the shape characteristics of the sealing surface of the tri-eccentric butterfly valve and Tritec's sealing pair, the bolt elliptical distribution is adopted to fix the sealing pair, which not only makes the location accurate, but also makes each bolt force equally and prevents the sealing pair from loosening and leaking due to the uneven stress distribution.
8. Intrinsic refractory structure
Many valves claim to have a fire-resistant structure, but most of them use a hard and soft double seat structure to reduce leakage, which is dangerous. Because the incomplete combustion of the soft sealing valve seat in fire will cause the stress and temperature difference deformation of the metal support valve seat, which will lead to the failure of the refractory. Therefore, at present, Europe and the United States are gradually eliminating this kind of refractory fire valve. Tritrc is a zero leakage, so it does not need the help of soft sealing, is a veritable intrinsic refractory structure, and has been API 607, API 6FA and BS6755 Part2 fire inspection certification. This ensures that Tritec can be applied to various hazardous areas such as petroleum and petrochemical industries. The best illustration is that the valves used in conservative Britain, in key parts of its North Sea oil fields, are almost entirely covered by Tritec.
9. High sealing packing structure
Traditionally, the leakage of the valve is concentrated on the leakage of the valve seat, i.e. internal leakage, while the leakage of the packing part, i.e. leakage, is neglected. In fact, it has become an indisputable fact that leakage is far more harmful than internal leakage in the contemporary society where environmental problems are paid more and more attention. Tritec tri-eccentric butterfly valve belongs to rotary valve, its stem action is only 90 degrees of rotation, which is compared with gate valve, globe valve and other stem action is spiral multi-rotation reciprocating movement, its packing part suffers very low degree of wear, relatively long service life, more because Tritec in packing seal and other external leakage prevention structure, Take the highest standards of design, which can seal performance standards in external leakage test in accordance with EPA21 specifications, guaranteed under 100ppm.
Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve is a very common butterfly valve in our daily use. It is widely used because of its superior performance.
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