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Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve - do you understand?

发布时间:2018-10-17     来源:艾德威尔•瑞拓
It has been more than 50 years since the advent of Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valves, and the use of butterfly valves has spanned many industries. Originally, butterfly valves were only used to cut off and connect water medium. Tri-eccentric design enhances the function of butterfly valves. It has become one of the valves with excellent performance in industrial piping equipment under the critical process conditions. As the name suggests, three separate offsets are designed to be valves.
Triple Eccentric means:
1) the center line of the disc / seat sealing surface.
2) the position of the axis relative to the center line of the hole;
3) the axis of the valve seat cone angle deviating from the center line of the valve hole.

The combination of these three offsets provides a tapered seal surface that Zui minimizes wear between seat and seal and improves valve life and sealing. In addition, reduce the valve seat to Zui and reduce the working torque of the valve.

Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve

Utilizing the features of the design, the functions provided by the next generation design further improve the safety and performance of the valve, including:
1, the use of precision machined sealing surface and sealing ring to form metal to metal seal. Even in high temperature and high pressure and other harsh service environment, two-way seal and zero leakage can be achieved. Low friction and streamlined standard rectangular cone design, metal to metal can solve the problem of thermal expansion and cold contraction, is an important feature of high temperature and high pressure environment services. Metal to metal seals are allowed to be used in oil fields with fire protection requirements.
2. Zui's excellent seating design, seating seating seating surface used in the valve body surfacing Stellite cemented carbide, the use of sealing surface has a longer life and better wear resistance, even if repeated use. The design of the sealing structure reduces friction with the butterfly plate and reduces the working torque.
3. Special valve seat design uses valve to automatically adjust valve seal. The floating seal ring and a wide sealing ring support gasket are more reliable by using sealing and opening and closing. The valve seat ensures that the valve has two way sealing characteristics.

4. The positioning pin of the valve design is located at a very low position on the butterfly plate, allowing good performance during thermal expansion. Zui greatly reduces the disturbance of the stem. Therefore, valves have a long service life.

Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve is very common in the process of use in modern factories, has become one of the essential factors of production in many enterprises.

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